Why PurpleBricks May Not Be the Next Big Thing in GTA Real Estate

Why PurpleBricks May Not Be the Next Big Thing in GTA Real Estate

We all love the convenience of Uber, Skip the Dishes and all of the new tech-based companies that are taking huge strides in making life easier for the general public. Who can resist the temptations of having a meal or car brought right to your door at the push of a button?

As technology pushes us into an ever more convenience-based lifestyle with autonomous driving cars, and smartwatches that can tell us if we are near to having a heart attack. One almost has to ask... What is the cut off line for convenience? Where do we draw the lines in terms of sacrificing the full experience in exchange for something cheaper or more convenient?

As a real estate agent, you may be thinking that this blog post must be biased and that we are resisting the inevitable change that technology brings, much like the Taxi drivers who fought tooth and nail to keep Uber drivers out of their cities. In all honesty that is not the case. This blog post was written to help people looking for short cuts avoid the ever tempting seduction that PurpleBricks can offer to new home buyers. I say new home buyers, especially because anyone who has ever bought or sold their home with a good realtor knows how valuable local dedication goes in regards to getting the best deal when buying or selling a home.

Buying or selling a home isn't a small purchase. For most, it is the biggest purchase they will make in their lives. We are not talking about a hundred dollar meal or a fifty dollar cab ride. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars and often millions. Would you risk that much value in the name of convenience?

One thing a lot of people overlook when listing or buying a home on Purplebricks is the buying and selling power experience realtors have. Realtors don't collect a commission for no reason! You are paying for the expertise and local knowledge that comes with being an experienced realtor.

Some people think... "I would rather pay a flat rate of $1000 than give commission to a realtor." But a good realtor can mean the difference between selling your home for 500000 and 550000. 1 million and 1,2 million. It works both ways. Whether selling or buying a home a realtor can help you get the RIGHT value.


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