In any real estate transaction, trust is a fundamental aspect of the relationship between the parties involved. Trust is built on transparency, honesty and effective communication. Buyers and sellers need to have confidence in the real estate professionals guiding them through the process. This trust is essential for a successful and smooth transaction.

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) has developed a revised “Working with a Real Estate Agent” information guide book that we, as agents, are required to walk through, those who are considering our services or assistance, before providing any services or assistance.

The content to the RECO Information Guide in intended to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions.

Here is what is inside:

Working with a Real Estate Agent

Know the Risks of Representing Yourself

Signing a Contract with a Real Estate Brokerage

Understanding Multiple Representation

How to Make a Complaint

Self-Representation in Real Estate:

This is not a new concept. Some individuals choose to represent themselves in real estate transactions which does require knowledge and expertise to navigate any transactions. While this is a valid choice for some, there are significant risks involved which may involve:

Limited Market Access: Real estate agents have access to extensive data bases and networks, enabling us to reach a broader audience for both buyers and sellers.

Property Information: As a benefit to clients, prudent real estate agents often research zoning, permitted property use, parking availability, building permits etc.

Determining Property Value: Real estate agents have an in-depth knowledge of the market, helping buyers and sellers make informed decisions about pricing, property value and market trends.

Negotiating Offers: Real estate agents are trained in negotiating and can assist in getting the best terms for their clients and help navigate competing offer situations.

Preparing Documents: Real estate transactions require a significant amount of paperwork and legal intricacies which real estate agents prepare and help buyers and sellers decide which terms to include to represent their best interests in an offer or agreement of purchase and sale.

The complexities involved make working with a qualified real estate agent a prudent choice for many as a reliable agent can offer expertise and peace of mind throughout the process.

Please click hyperlink to view the RECO Information Guide.


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