Welcome too my rant! Tune in for my occasional take on what’s going on in the world of real estate and beyond. We seem to be living in a surreal world of make believe.


In real estate we stage homes to sell. Sellers believe staging helps sell their homes and buyers get a better vibe about a staged home. This is true to a point. We encourage our buyers to see beyond the neutral greys and Home Sense appeal that they are buying into because that is not what they are actually purchasing. They are purchasing a neighbourhood, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, school district, a garage and most importantly these days, a home office. That Home Sense decor will not be there when buyers move in! And, a wall can be painted!


Our sellers are advised to do 3 things 1) declutter 2) declutter 3) declutter. A home free of clutter gives potential buyers their first impression of the living space that is a very important feature of any home. Once decluttered, we can stage areas we feel need an added touch, be it a piece of art, a floor lamp or a pop of colour with some flowers in order to showcase it’s finest features.


We deal with it all and we’ve heard it all. We could write a book! We recently showed a home to clients who commented, “it hasn’t been painted”. It had been recently painted (I could smell the fresh paint through my mask). It just hadn’t been painted Benjamin Moore silver satin grey!


I long for the buyers who appreciate something different, something with charm and character. Admittedly, I love the modern clean lines of newer homes but, at times I do feel like screaming, “put down that decor magazine, think about what YOU like and be brave enough to buy it”!


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