Summer Market Reflections

We hope that everyone is enjoying a safe and happy summer!

As we soak up the remaining days of summer here are our real estate reflections:

In February 2022, the Bank of Canada, in response to inflation, began raising the bank rate from less than 1% to the current 5%. This interest rate hike spiked fear in the minds of many buyers who retreated to the side-lines in the Spring of 2022. As the buyer market softened, sellers who did not adjust their expectations were dismayed that they had missed the frenzied peak market prices. Some chose not sell and some sold for very reduced prices.

That said, we’ve seen some strong activity in certain pockets this past Spring. Bloor West was hot with new listings attracting multiple offers while other areas struggled. Why was this? Proximity to the subway? Price point? Style of home? It was an interesting phenomenon because, if higher interest rates had sent buyers to the side-lines, why were they buying in certain pockets and not others? It’s difficult to say for sure; however, this is where our market knowledge benefits both buyers and sellers. We helped both buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals by knowing where to look for buying opportunities and knowing how to successfully prepare and market our seller’s homes.

Cottage country real estate has also experienced a change in activity. Buyer competition has cooled dramatically since the pandemic when people were fleeing the city for larger “work from home” spaces. We helped happy clients purchase their dream country farms and waterfront cottages and condos during that time. At the moment cottage country prices have softened and there are good opportunities for buyers seeking recreational properties to buy now during the slower summer market. As local realtors in cottage country, we can help you find the perfect getaway property for your family to enjoy for years to come as well as being a great investment.

So, what’s ahead? There are mixed messages. The signals from the Bank of Canada indicate that, although stubborn inflation is still present, they may not increase interest rates anytime soon; however, there is no guarantee if the economy doesn’t cool itself. The war in Ukraine is still a factor that drives prices, particularly prices associated with food and petroleum products. And, at home in the GTA, there is an unsatisfied demand for housing, particularly affordable housing, which continues to be fuelled by aggressive immigration policies. It’s truly hard to imagine that house prices will not continue to rise over time as the GTA market has historically proven, regardless of occasional downturns.

The only thing we know for sure is that real estate is not an exact science. Every home is unique as is every client who has a unique set of circumstances and the market is continually recalibrating. Dave and I do not have a crystal ball (well, we actually do but, we cannot read the future with it). However, we do watch the market closely and pivot quickly to adapt and advise our clients appropriately in real time.

As Fall approaches, we anticipate an increase in market activity. If you are considering a move this Fall, please give us a call to chat about your real estate objectives. We have recently helped other clients achieve their real estate goals and we would be happy to assist you as well. Please take a moment to review our sales and what our clients are saying about us.

The Fall Home Show at the Enercare Centre is happening September 29 - October 1, 2023. Please reach out if you would like two tickets to the show. 



The process of selling our 30+ year family home could not have been better managed than in the caring hands of Nancy and Dave. 

Kudos for their efforts in the dead of winter to effectively market and sell our property in a short period of time. 

The transition to condo living began with the discovery of a unique property that fit all of our needs. With Nancy and Dave’s expert sleuthing and quick action we were able to purchase this jewel in record time!

We can’t say enough about their tenacity, empathy and professionalism at all times. It was easy to hand them the reigns with confidence.

Thank you Nancy and Dave!

 B & J Sutherland | Mississauga

This year we purchased our first home with the help of Nancy and Dave and we couldn’t be more happy with their services! They were patient, knowledgeable, and extremely diligent in making sure we found a place that met our needs and budget. We really lucked out and they got us an amazing deal on a place that far exceeded our expectations. Thanks to them we are now living in our wonderful new home and have appreciated their support throughout the entire process.

Rhian & Adam | The Kingsway


Essential Analytics - August 2023

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board has recently published its market report for August 2023. Let's take a closer look at some of the key metrics and our expert takeaways you need to know about:


Our Summer Property Crush

We ❤️to find our buyers unique opportunities and collaborate with fellow colleagues to showcase fantastic listings that often exceed all expectations.

This Huntsville retreat is a show stopper - a balcony in the woods - a bridge and a house - nestled on a 5.3 acre wooded lot hovering over a seasonal ravine.

The 38 meter long structure faces Mary Lake and boasts 310 feet of shoreline. The home’s floor to ceiling glazed walkouts are the gateway to the natural landscape. I personally love the clever ‘peek-a-boo’ ground level windows connecting you to the environment.

The fabulous great room combines living, dining, cooking and entertaining.

4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Minimalism Maximized.
Simply Stunning.

Call Nancy @416-985-1486 or Dave @416-894-4079 to book your private tour.

Listed by Trevor Maxwell Bond

Bosley Real Estate Ltd, Brokerage


Essential Analytics - July 2023

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board has recently published its market report for July 2023. Let's take a closer look at some of the key metrics and our expert takeaways you need to know about:


The Importance of a Status Certificate

A typical Agreement of Purchase and Sale of a condominium should include a provision that the offer be conditional upon the review of the status certificate by the buyer’s lawyer. 

The status certificate should never be overlooked - even during competitive bidding where buyers feel the pressure to bid with “clean offers” with no conditions. The buyer’s sales representative can inquire if the status has been ordered and if so, obtain a copy for the buyer to give to their lawyer for a “pre-offer review” - usually for a nominal fee. 

A status certificate is a document that contains vital information about a condo corporation’s financial and legal health including the budget, common expenses, any legal proceedings, insurance status, pending major repairs or maintenance issues and the reserve fund.

Certificates also allow prospective buyers to learn about the rules such as whether pets are allowed - which is often a very important factor for many of our pet owner clients!

Things that are of immediate interest in the certificate are confirmation that the maintenance fees for the specific unit have been paid up to date, that there are no pending Special Assessments, and that there are no pending orders to reverse unauthorized modifications made to the unit by the current owner.  Regarding the latter, some Corporations require a walk-through to check for unauthorized modifications.  If such are found, it is the responsibility of the titled owner to reverse the changes.  Some certificates may indicate where changes have been approved, while others may not and it is up to the buyer to satisfy themselves in this respect.

An important factor to potential buyers is the amount of money that the Corporation has in its Reserve Fund to deal with anticipated repairs and improvements.  Reserve Fund studies are mandated to be conducted every 3 years and it is important the certificate is up to date in this respect.  The budget addresses current maintenance and capital improvements and the anticipated impact on maintenance fees in future years.  Another important factor is whether the Corporation is involved in any legal actions that could impact the financial position of the Corporation and result in increased fees and assessments.

Many older condos do not have separate hydro billing capability and maintenance fees may cover all utility costs.  Beyond hydro, maintenance fees often include heat, A/C and water and parking.  However; sometimes utilities are metered separately, particularly in townhouse condos. It is important to know whether parking and lockers associated with the unit are owned or assigned.  If they are assigned, it precludes the ability of the owner to sell a parking space.  Owned parking spaces and lockers are indicated individually on title.

Hydro utility costs can often be confusing.  For example, a unit may have heat and A/C included in the maintenance costs, but not hydro.  Buyers often miss the fact that although the condo provides heating and cooling, the unit’s HVAC fan(s) distribute the heat/cool, and the electricity used by the fan(s) is part of the units separate metered services, along with lighting, appliances, TVs, computers, etc.

Some things may not be well defined in the certificate and require additional research, such as the distribution of responsibilities for windows, HVAC, and hot water tanks repair and replacement.  Some Corporations will maintain and change HVAC filters, but it the system requires replacement, it is the unit owner’s responsibility.  Townhome owners are often faced with additional considerations, such as snow removal and who is responsible for clearing driveways and walkways.  Common elements may include exclusive outdoor areas and it is important to note if the owner can modify those areas; installing fencing, plantings, decks, etc.  Some condos are very restrictive in this regard.

Rules and regulations are important for things such as whether bbq’s are allowed on balconies, and as mentioned earlier, pets.  Many owners don’t realize that the Corporation has the ability to order removal of a troublesome animal.  Some condos may have lifestyle restrictions, such as no smoking on condo property and an absolute ban on marijuana.  Some condos with limited visitor parking may restrict the number of monthly visitor passes.

If a buyer is considering renting out their unit they may find restrictions on the number of units that can be leased at a given time and are likely to find that Airbnb’s (short term rentals) are not permitted at all.  Rules may require Board approval of a renter and there is often a rule that precludes the renter from subletting the lease.

It is important for a potential buyer to read all of the rules carefully in order to make an informed condo buying decision.

For more information, please contact us directly.

Nancy 416-985-1486

Dave   416-894-4079


Essential Analytics - June 2023

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board has recently published its market report for June 2023. Let's take a closer look at some of the key metrics and our expert takeaways you need to know about:


Tips on choosing art for your home

You’ve purchased a new home or condo, have moved in and now it’s time to decorate! It’s an exciting time and there is a lot to consider when choosing art for your space.

1)    Art can be appreciated in many forms including paintings, prints, posters, photography, sculptures, tapestries, maps and your children’s artwork.

2)    Consider your budget. Do you want to invest in a valuable original art piece that may continue to appreciate in value over time? Or, would you be satisfied with a print of a masterpiece or a vintage poster of a favourite film? Remember, framing can be pricey!

3)    Visit some galleries to discover the style of art you enjoy. The key is to choose what you love, what moves you, inspires you and brings you enjoyment when you gaze at the piece.

4)    Choose a piece that sets the mood for each room. You may want a playful abstract for a child’s room or a beautiful landscape oil painting for over a fireplace in the living room.

5)    Be a little daring. If you’ve chosen neutral colours for your walls and floors go bold on your walls and express yourself with colours, content and different textures.

6)    Try to meet the artist to learn about them, their style and techniques and what motivated their creation that you may be considering. I believe knowing at little bit about the artist brings more meaning to each chosen piece.

7)    A great place to meet artists in Toronto is at the Artist Project which is taking place April 13th-16th at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place.

I’ve curated a little bit of everything in my home from vintage movie posters to whimsical oils and prints to abstract art to original landscape oils. Bottom line - choose art that brings joy.


Open House Etiquette

We host open houses to promote our listings to as many potential buyers as possible. It’s also an opportunity for some who are thinking about selling their home to meet and “interview" us to see how we market our listings to their fullest potential, and learn about our services.

Open houses are generally conducted on Saturdays and/or Sundays from 2-4 p.m. However, depending on the circumstances, we also may host weekday evening events from 5-7 p.m.

Each and every one of our open houses are conducted in a friendly and professional manner. However, it’s important to note that we do run a tight ship and we do keep a close eye on visitors. To this point, we follow the advice provided by Joe Richer, Registrar of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). He advises that it’s prudent to keep a log of all visitors who attend an open house. Most sellers feel more comfortable when they know who the strangers are that visited their home and that those with questionable motives are discouraged from entering.  With this protocol in place, we typically ask all visitors to show photo identification and complete a registration form which adds a level of security and comfort to the seller. We always explain why we are asking for identification and visitors can opt in or out (when signing the registration form) of receiving real estate information from us.

Some visitors refuse to provide photo identification. That is their right; however, it is also the seller’s right (via their salesperson) to refuse entry of anyone into their home who does not provide valid identification. We never like to turn anyone away and hope that all open house guests understand that we would do exactly the same thing if we hosted an open house to promote the sale of their home! Security and safety matters!

Interesting fact… I attended high school with a gal who was most unlikely to commit a crime. In 2006, and again in 2010, she and her husband were arrested and charged with theft. When police visited their GTA home they discovered over $500,000 in stolen goods, including items stolen from open houses! If you want to read the full story, let us know and we’ll send it to you.

As a rule of thumb, we generally allow two parties at a time into a home. This allows Dave and I to give our visitors our full attention. Therefore, visitors may encounter a sign at the door asking for your patience while we attend to other guests. We love to meet the neighbours (who may be just curious about home values), passers-by, potential buyers who have agents, and potential buyers who prefer to shop around by themselves.

Some kindly Do’s when you attend an open house.

*  please remove shoes

*  please provide photo ID for safety and security of the seller and the listing agent

*  please respect any requested Covid-19 protocols

*  please be prepared to be “softly” guided through the home

*  please be respectful to other guests

*  please ask us about the home and neighbourhood - we know the house and the hood!

Some kindly Don’ts

*  please comply with our (homeowner’s) house rules

*  please don’t take photos or videos without asking permission

*  please, keep your children with you, and don’t let them jump on beds or play with anything

*  please leave your pets at home


Essential Analytics - March 2023

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board has recently published its market report for March 2023. Let's take a closer look at some of the key metrics and our expert takeaways you need to know about:


How Does Mortgage Fraud Happen?

The scheme typically involves a number of shady individuals who scour public records for properties that do not have a mortgage registered and may be listed for rent. Imposters, using stolen identification, pose as tenants in order to rent the home. From there, other imposters use the stolen identities of the homeowners to either mortgage the home or sell it.

If a home is sold, it is sold quickly and, according to CBC investigations, the money received from the sale is moved through fraudulent bank accounts and then out of the country in the form of cryptocurrency or gold bullion. The same is true for fraudulent mortgage money.

Imagine receiving a monthly mortgage statement in the mail for a home for which you had no mortgage, or learning that your home has been sold without your knowledge! Victims of title fraud lose the right to mortgage their own home or sell the home until they re-establish their title rights through the courts, which can be a lengthy and costly process.

“Title” is known as legal ownership of a property. Title insurance can help protect homeowners from fraudulent claims on their property and typically covers legal fees that would be required to restore the true homeowner’s legal title. Title insurance also protects buyers who unwittingly purchase a home that has been fraudulently sold to them. In this scenario, although the buyers would not be entitled to the property, they should get their money back.

As Realtors® it boggles our minds how these criminal schemes happen. It is certainly brazen. 

On a personal note, my daughter narrowly escaped a fraud scheme when she found a flat to lease in London, UK. An imposter, posing as the owner of the Air BnB flat, attempted to lease it using forged identification, utility bills and passports! The forged documents looked real except for one minor flaw that was noticed by my daughter’s UK boyfriend and was reported to authorities. This can be a very quick and lucrative scheme as the fraudsters bank first and last month’s rent from the unsuspecting tenant, leave the Air BNB and move on to their next target. The owner of the Air BNB and the duped tenant know nothing of the scheme until the tenant shows up to occupy the unit which is unavailable for rent. The tenant is out of pocket for quite a sum of money, may have insufficient cash to cover the deposit on a replacement rental, and could have nowhere to live.

We are not experts on any of the above, and can only advise our BLOG readers to be vigilant in protecting their identities; to talk to their real estate lawyers about title insurance and be cautious as landlords or as tenants.

Please feel free to reach out to us any time if you think that we can assist you in any way with your real estate goals.


Top Paint Color Trends for 2023

It’s a new year and you may be thinking of a renovation or a refresh of your home. If you are considering selling and want to create an updated look without huge costs, a trending paint colour is a quick and simple option.

The right colour can make a big difference in your space. Tried-and-true white is still trending - I personally love Sherwin Williams “Origami White” and, preferring a monochromatic look, chose it for both my kitchen and walls in my condo. Soft greys are still trending - usually a safe choice and there are bolder colours trending in the top paint colours of 2023 such as Benjamin Moore’s “Raspberry Blush” or Sherwin William’s “Redend Point”. Would you go bold?

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

I have to admit, if I discover a bold coloured wall in a client’s home we are about to list for sale, I ponder, “should it be painted more neutral?” However, recently we listed a home with burnt orange coloured walls that gave the room a rustic, New Mexico look - cactus and all - and it worked to set the mood of the room and is right on trend this year with earthy, more natural tones.

Let us know which colours you would choose. We are interested in discovering what home owners are choosing to do with your space - are you a follower of trends or do you boldly roll with your own inspirations. It  must be difficult for some to buck the trends when every designer and real estate agent tells you to “paint in neutral tones” to appeal to the masses.

Viva la Paint - it can be transformative and defines the spaces we live in - the choice is yours!

If you don’t wish to tackle painting yourself, we’d be happy to provide references for trusted professionals.

Please reach out to us for more information or assistance.


Our Top Reasons To Live In Mississauga.

1)      Mississauga is rich in cultural diversity offering a wide range of neighbourhoods for all walks of life. No matter what stage of life you may be in, there’s something for everyone. You may chose to live by the water in trendy Port Credit or in upscale Lorne Park or near the bustling City Centre in a high rise condo like the iconic “Marilyns”.

2)      Location, Location, Location. Mississauga is home to Canada’s largest international airport, University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, the Living Arts Centre and recreational parks such as the Riverwood Conservancy and Erindale Park.

3)      Home buyers in Mississauga enjoy the benefit of paying only the Provincial Land Transfer Tax without the addition expense of the matching Toronto Land Transfer Tax that is levied on those who choose to buy a home in Toronto.

4)      Mississauga’s close proximity to Toronto is a bonus for those who commute to downtown for work, to see the Maple Leafs,  the Raptors or the Argos compete, or attend major concerts in the big city.

5)      Square One Mall, in the City Centre, is a shopping mecca with anchor stores such a Hudson Bay, Walmart and Holt Renfrew; restaurants including two of our favs - MADO, a Turkish cafe (try the Turkish delight) and Reds Square One (try the cookies and the tarts); movie theatres, hair salons and more.

Mississauga is a great place to live with vibrant communities offering a wide selection of housing, shopping and schools.

Call us today to tour our new exclusive Mississauga listing at 3208 Cedartree Crescent! 

3208 Cedartree Crescent is nestled within the family friendly neighbourhood of Applewood Hills. Enjoy the 6 kilometre trail maintained year round or take the kids to the playground - both right behind the house. The home is also close (walking distance) to shopping at Creekside Crossing (Walmart, Costco), Mobilia, LA fitness, schools and a quick drive to premium malls (Square One, Sherway Gardens), Go Station, golf and international airport.

Book your tour and come see this renovated home boasting stunning views of landscaped grounds, pool and parkland.

Call 416-985-1486 (Nancy) or 416-894-4079 (Dave).