Float Homes... Life on the Water

Have you ever considered owning a Float Home? As I approach my senior years, I’m putting more thought into where and how I want to live. I find myself considering options everywhere I travel and weigh the pros and cons of giving up the big city life for something more laid-back.

I first became aware of float homes when I showed clients in the beautiful and iconic Scarborough Bluff area which boasts a community of 24 unique float homes. My clients wanted to be near a marina and this float home community lies within Bluffer’s Park Marina!

A floating home typically floats on a concrete barge - a floating foundation - moored to a dock and anchored with metal ropes which allows for movement with the rise and fall of tides and seasonal changes in water levels. Owners get the sense of living on a boat while having all of the conveniences of a house on land with hydro, heat and plumbing. I love the concept.

Float homes can provide the luxury of cottage living without ever having to leave the city. Imagine yourself surrounded year round by natural beauty with unobstructed views of the water yet, still close to city restaurants and entertainment when you venture into town.

Have I caught your attention?

There are many places around the world that have embraced float home living such as Granville, Vancouver; Sausalito, California; England, France, Holland and Italy.

My interest in float homes peeked again when I recently visited Sea Village on Granville Island, Vancouver. Just a short ferry ride away from the mainland, it’s the most charming seaside village with “to-die-for” views of the Vancouver skyline. And, a float home is featured, as if one of the characters, in the Apple TV series, “The Last Thing He Told Me” starring Jennifer Garner. The series is good. The float home village consisting of approximately 400 homes is awesome!

I’m interested in owning a float home - are you?

If so, there is one for sale approximately 15 minutes from downtown Toronto, Ontario. Please call 416-985-1486 or email for more details.

If you are considering moving to another city or country, with our ReMax Global connections we can help you find your dream float home or your dream home on land.



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