Having lived in Thorncrest Village for 22 years we are partial to this property. It's rare to find a prime building lot 100x180 in Princess Anne Manor. We think it's a bit pricey but, who knows in this market!

It's close to prime schools and enjoys a private clubhouse with tennis, swimming and social events.

Call us to be one of the first to see this property.

10 Pheasant Lane - Toronto

List: $3,750,000


Listed by: Ricky Ristic, Salesperson, Royal LePage Signature Realty, Brokerage


Toronto Real Estate in 2021: Is Now a Good Time to Refinance?

If you are considering refinancing, there are a number of things that will impact your decision. Mortgage payments are one of most people's largest monthly expenses, and refinancing can make these more manageable. Refinancing can also be beneficial if you are financially stable but worry about the future. The following information will help you determine if now is a good time for you to refinance your Toronto real estate.

Lower Monthly Payments

If your primary concern is that you will not be able to sustain your current mortgage payments, refinancing can help you adjust the amount to a lower monthly payment. This would mean increasing the length of your loan term, and it will take you longer to pay it off completely. However, there may be lower interest rates available now that you can take advantage of in order to save money along the way.

Improved Credit Score

Monthly payments, though difficult to maintain, provide a benefit as you go. In paying your mortgage on time every month, you are improving your credit score. Your credit score is always taken into consideration when a loan is being refinanced. If you have been diligent about paying your mortgage in the past, you may already qualify for a lower interest rate.

Stable Fixed Rates

An adjustable-rate mortgage might have required lower payments at the beginning of the loan and therefore appeared to be a better choice. However, if you discover that interest rates are lower now, securing a fixed-rate mortgage will allow you to have a predictable monthly payment. This can be a relief when the economy is going through times of uncertainty.

Equity for Immediate Expenses

If you have been paying a mortgage for several years, you have built up equity. The two ways you are able to use this equity as money now are by taking out a home equity loan or cash-out refinancing.

A home equity loan is a second loan that allows you to borrow back some of the money that you previously paid towards your home. It does not affect your current mortgage but is paid back as an additional monthly payment. Cash-out refinancing is different because it takes your mortgage and replaces it with a larger loan. This amount will be used to first pay off your original mortgage and then pay you the rest in cash.

Increase Equity in Toronto Real Estate

Real estate in Toronto is a valuable commodity and will be for the foreseeable future. Refinancing to build equity faster can be beneficial to your economic security in the long haul. By choosing to refinance in order to make larger monthly payments, you will reduce the number of years it will take to pay off your loan. Look for an opportunity to secure a lower interest rate and start building the equity you have in real estate faster while saving yourself money in the long run.

Refinancing is always a big decision, but it holds the potential for benefits in the immediate future and further down the road. Mortgage professionals are available for further assistance, and GTA Selling can help you with a referral. Call Nancy at 416-985-1486 or Dave at 416-894-4079 at


Welcome too my rant! Tune in for my occasional take on what’s going on in the world of real estate and beyond. We seem to be living in a surreal world of make believe.


In real estate we stage homes to sell. Sellers believe staging helps sell their homes and buyers get a better vibe about a staged home. This is true to a point. We encourage our buyers to see beyond the neutral greys and Home Sense appeal that they are buying into because that is not what they are actually purchasing. They are purchasing a neighbourhood, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, school district, a garage and most importantly these days, a home office. That Home Sense decor will not be there when buyers move in! And, a wall can be painted!


Our sellers are advised to do 3 things 1) declutter 2) declutter 3) declutter. A home free of clutter gives potential buyers their first impression of the living space that is a very important feature of any home. Once decluttered, we can stage areas we feel need an added touch, be it a piece of art, a floor lamp or a pop of colour with some flowers in order to showcase it’s finest features.


We deal with it all and we’ve heard it all. We could write a book! We recently showed a home to clients who commented, “it hasn’t been painted”. It had been recently painted (I could smell the fresh paint through my mask). It just hadn’t been painted Benjamin Moore silver satin grey!


I long for the buyers who appreciate something different, something with charm and character. Admittedly, I love the modern clean lines of newer homes but, at times I do feel like screaming, “put down that decor magazine, think about what YOU like and be brave enough to buy it”!



We don't usually post property crush leases but, this one deserves attention!

The design features pop! We love the ladder in the kitchen and the subtle ensuite door-in-the-wall.

And, admittedly, we are huge fans of loft properties.

Call us if interested in leasing this unit in the iconic Tip Top Lofts.

637 Lakeshore Blvd. 1018 - Toronto

Rental: $12,000 / month

Listed by: Andrew John Harrild, Salesperson, Property.Ca Inc., Brokerage



Luxury and location at it's one of the first to own an indoor sky pool.

16 Harbour St. 5401 - Toronto


Listed by: John Richard Fortney, Salesperson, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

Mississauga Real Estate Market? Five Things to Know for 2021

Mississauga is a fantastic place to live or invest in real estate. It's the 6th largest city in Canada, only a 30-minute drive to downtown Toronto or just over an hour to Niagara Falls. It's a great place for those looking for work, to live and retire. With a charming lakeside, many parks and fabulous restaurants, you can find your paradise minutes from your front porch. If you are looking to buy or sell property in the area, here are our tips for the Mississauga real estate market for 2021.

Good News for Sellers 

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), which gathers data on the market on a monthly basis, shows the average price of a house had risen by $100,000 from January to February 2021. This also represents a 14.9% increase from February 2020. A word of caution: we don't know when the rising will stop, so selling sooner rather than later will ensure you too can capitalize on this trend.

Good News for Buyers 

The number of new listings increased from 859 in January to 1,337 in February. There are many opportunities for you to find your dream house, however, properties are going fast. This past month, properties were receiving multiple offers and selling in a very short time period. You must act quickly to get your home!

Luxury Properties in Demand 

The impact of the ongoing pandemic has caused people to be keener than ever to follow their dreams. Often this means changing their lifestyle by moving out of city centres for more space and proximity to green spaces. “Stay at home” orders prompted buyers to find homes with pools or pool-size yards with “staycations” in mind. And, with the increased necessity of remote working, larger properties also offered options for increased office space. These ‘move-up' buyers sought luxury properties, like those in gorgeous Mineola.

Key Locations 

The City Centre, Churchill Meadows, and Hurontario are three popular locations as they are within close proximity to amenities, public transit remains relatively affordable. Those looking for excellent schools may be drawn to Lorne Park, known for some of the most desirable schools in Mississauga. For those seeking a trendier lifestyle, Port Credit is often the location of choice.

It's a Great Time for Investors 

The word ‘investors' can conjure up a mental image quite unlike the reality. Many real estate investors are simply normal homeowners. Investors can write off expenses against the income from rent, and with the tenant paying the mortgage, there is the expectation of benefitting from anticipated future house price values. This, in conjunction with low interest rates for the foreseeable future, makes it a great time to invest in real estate.

Real estate in Mississauga had a great 2020, and this looks set to continue for 2021. Whether you are moving up, across, retiring, or investing, 2021 will be an excellent time to do so. Call Nancy at 416-985-1486 or Dave at 416-894-4079 at GTA Selling today.