Three Things to Love About Living in Etobicoke

Three Things to Love About Living in Etobicoke

A municipality and administrative district within the city of Toronto, Etobicoke is a diverse and rapidly developing area that attracts new residents from all over the country. With a population of about 365,000 and a variety of different neighborhoods to choose from, the Etobicoke real estate market has seen a surge in high-rise condominiums and other multi-story developments. If you are looking for the best places to live in Toronto, these are some reasons Etobicoke should be on your radar.

Etobicoke Real Estate: Three Things to Love About Living in the Area

1. A Privileged Location and Easy Access to the City Center

Located roughly halfway between Mississauga and downtown Toronto, Etobicoke's central location is one of the main factors attracting new residents to the municipality. Whether you own a car or use public transport to get to and from your workplace, getting to the Toronto downtown area rarely takes over half an hour. Major expressways, including Ontario Highways 27, 427, 401, and 409, pass through the area, which is also served by TTC buses, streetcars, and the subway's Line 2.

Looking into the future, Etobicoke's already excellent transport system is due to be complemented by two new light rail projects providing direct links between the area and Toronto Pearson International Airport, University of Guelph-Humber, and Finch West. Other local points of interest such as the lively Kingsway district, as well as plenty of nearby parks and nature reserves, can also be easily reached from Etobicoke both by car and public transport.

2. Excellent Services and Recreation Opportunities

Another characteristic that makes Etobicoke a popular place to live in Toronto is the excellent services, amenities, and recreation areas that the municipality has to offer. Places like Humber Arboretum along the Humber River, Centennial Park, James Garden, and Colonel Samuel Smith Park are just some of the green areas that provide Etobicoke residents opportunities to get away from the urban bustle and enjoy some quality time with friends or family.

When it comes to education, Etobicoke is home to numerous high-quality schools both public and private, including Central Etobicoke High School, Lakeshore Collegiate Institute, West Humber Collegiate Institute, and Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy. In terms of shopping opportunities, Etobicoke features a plethora of retail centers and shopping malls, including Humbertown Shopping Centre, Cloverdale Mall, and Woodbine Mall. Additionally selling points for the municipality include a vibrant cultural scene and new events taking place year-round.

3. Diverse Neighborhoods that Accommodate Different Lifestyles

Although Etobicoke is a relatively small municipality that often feels like a tiny town, its three main areas feature unique characteristics that make them attractive to different types of residents. The Lakeshore district, for instance, is home to large green areas and beautiful lakefront properties, while Central Etobicoke is a quiet and diverse area known for its extensive retail facilities. North Etobicoke, on the other hand, features vibrant neighborhoods and some of the most affordable housing options in the area.

If these reasons got you thinking about moving to Etobicoke or buying a property in one of its neighborhoods, call Nancy at 416-985-1486 or Dave at 416-894-4079 at! We will be happy to show you our available properties in the area.


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